Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility (CR) stands for far-sighted management in a company’s core business and has a high priority in the business’s overall strategy. CR is a key aspect of sustainable growth in the following areas of business activity: the market, jobs, the common good, the environment and supply chains. Social, environmental and commercial issues are given equal weight, and stakeholders are integrated into the strategic focus of the company’s CR activities.


Durability means sustainability

Material testing in LOWA’s own lab

The tables are packed with rattling equipment. The air is filled with sounds of sanding, the humming of the cold …


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Not many industries are so obviously linked to nature as the outdoor industry. Corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability have therefore become increasingly important in recent years. High-quality materials and equipment, whose form and function must meet special, often very demanding usage requirements, need to be durable and robust as well as not harmful to health and the environment. And this applies not only to the end products themselves; their production should and must also take place under fair and environmentally sound conditions.

Corporate Responsibility Areas at LOWA

All these aspects are part of the company philosophy at LOWA and have been combined into a comprehensive CR strategy. This strategy is part of a long-range process that touches on all areas of the company. The ultimate aim of this work is to gradually integrate the sustainable company philosophy into a range of sub-areas at the company and to transparently showcase our CR activities.

LOWA company headquarter in Jetzendorf

Mission Statement

Our philosophy

LOWA’s guiding principles give the company and its employees a framework for reasoning that can be used as a basis for …




Tradition and Innovation since 1923

LOWA is a company with long tradition that has been based from the beginning in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf. Over a …


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The people behind the brand

At LOWA, the company’s employees constitute its most precious resource. The company embraces diversity, pays fair …


LOWA Production sites

Production sites

“Made in Europe” as a production strategy

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Production Conditions

Production Conditions

As a maufacturing company, LOWA bears responsibility for the entire production process and for the working conditions …


LOWA Products


No compromises – When it comes to its products, LOWA focuses in particular on perfect fit, a high level of …


Environmental and nature protection

Environmental and Nature Protection

Sustainable actions have been the talk everywhere for a few years. But what precisely does that mean? It means that a …


Social commitment

Social Commitment

Support of National and International Social and Cultural Projects

The Jetzendorf location is a clear commitment to the Bavarian roots of the company. Besides regional institutions and …


Responsibility and scope

CR management at LOWA has been organisationally placed with the company’s management team. This enables LOWA to identify areas with improvement potential and to derive and implement corresponding measures.

Alexander Nicolai is the corporate responsibility officer of the company’s management team and oversees all CR activities. The CR manager is Ingmar Anderson, a full-time employee who reports directly to the management team.

  • Alexander Nicolai, CEO, info@lowa.de

    Alexander Nicolai, CEO, info@lowa.de

  • Ingmar Anderson, CR Manager, info@lowa.de

    Ingmar Anderson, CR Manager, info@lowa.de

The department heads for CR-relevant activities and measures also work at the company’s headquarters in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf. They serve as contact partners for the CR manager and coordinate the implementation of the CR program assigned to their departments.

Both headquarters locations of LOWA Sportschuhe GmbH are integrated into CR management:

  • Hauptstraße 16 and 19, 85305 Jetzendorf
  • Aichacher Straße 3, 85305 Jetzendorf-Priel

The key components of LOWA’s CR management comprise:

  • Company mission statement as guiding principle
  • CR responsibility at all levels, including the management team
  • Internal audits to identify improvement potential
  • Evaluation of CR management by the management team
  • Key performance indicators for all fields of activity
  • Company CR programme as a checklist of goals and targets
  • Transparent information concerning all relevant stakeholders

The company’s production sites in Slovakia, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and the Czech Republic are, of course, integrated into the CR process as well.