Production sites

“Made in Europe” as a production strategy

As an industry leader in the age of globalisation, LOWA consciously applies a philosophy of “Made in Europe” to guarantee the best product quality, fair wages and social benefits for employees.

The company also wants to ensure its comprehensive know-how and the control over technologies remain in its own hands. By producing footwear in Europe, LOWA also benefits from much shorter delivery times. Another critical aspect is the continuous quality controls during every stage of production.

Why we produce in Europe

Safeguarding technological know-how: Developing and producing high-quality outdoor footwear is a complex process that requires a high degree of handicraft. By making its footwear in Europe, LOWA can maintain a close relationship between its production operation and its research and development department. One benefit of this decision is the company’s ability to produce a completely new prototype within one day at its base in Jetzendorf.

Lowering transport costs and emissions: The proximity of production facilities to LOWA’s primary markets in Europe keep transport distances short. This, in turn, reduces emissions and eliminates high transport costs.

Influencing the value chain: By producing in Europe, LOWA can influence the entire value chain. Since July 2019, nearly 95 percent of production capacities have been covered by wholly owned LOWA subsidiaries. This enables LOWA to shape the selection of the materials, production methods and employment conditions.

This is what “made in Europe” looks like at LOWA

LOWA currently operates production facilities at its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf as well as in Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Czech Republic.