Athleten Workshop in Jetzendorf

Product Development

Fit and Quality

No compromises – When it comes to its products, LOWA focuses in particular on perfect fit, a high level of functionality, a contemporary design and technical innovation. One key environmental aspect is product durability.

The diligence of the company’s talented employees and their unwavering commitment to producing perfect footwear are applied to every phase of product development. The company’s service regarding every aspect of its footwear is based on this standard.

The guiding principle of uncompromising quality stems from the company’s commitment to providing the highest service in its drive to create the highest product excellence. LOWA products are both a guarantee of optimal comfort and a testament to safety. Absolute precision in development and construction are vital points for secure footing and the best possible functionality for each and every use.

Image photo with the ICE COMP IP GTX®, Eiskletterevent Kom Saigurn

”Our product-development guidelines are crystal clear: We are committed to making high-quality outdoor boots that fit perfectly, offer a high level of functionality and have modern designs.”

Alexander Nicolai | LOWA CEO

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Athletes as partners

As a specialist for outdoor shoes, LOWA understands how intense the appeal of the mountains and nature is – and what adventures await people there. Whether professional alpinists, mountaineers or globetrotters, there is one passion that they all share: being outside.

And it’s precisely this passion which has inspired LOWA for more than 90 years to constantly create new and better shoes which leave nothing to be desired in comfort, fit and safety. Ultimately, LOWA would like to help outdoor athletes achieve the best possible results. This is why the company is always optimising its shoes – both technically and in terms of look.

Athletenmeeting 2019 Ulligunde

”LOWA’s athletes are critically important brand ambassadors. They take us to the far reaches of the world and test our footwear in the most extreme conditions. This is why they are such important footwear-development partners for us.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department

To ensure that the shoes’ functions are perfectly designed for each adventure, LOWA trusts the experience and opinions of the best alpinists in the German-speaking world and internationally. They are experts, know the mountains like the backs of their hands and know exactly what they’re talking about. During all their adventures, they put the shoes heavily to the test on the most diverse terrains – from climbing ice and cliffs through to lengthier expeditions. Every small detail that stands out to them is important for future development.

LOWA involves athletes directly in its development process. Even so, it is clear that not every idea can be realised; ultimately even shoes have a construction that can only be altered to a certain degree. Eventually, however, this process led to the idea of a PRO line involving intensive contributions from athletes, a line that would, in particular, satisfy one of their biggest desires: lighter shoes. This desired reduction in weight is now part of all new models. The thinner sole is also an innovation that numerous shoes will benefit from.

The athletes of the LOWA PRO team