The people behind the brand

At LOWA, the company’s employees constitute its most precious resource. The company embraces diversity, pays fair wages, offers social-security benefits and supports the individual growth of its employees. Everyone pitches in together, and employees personally stand behind the company’s products.

The company has had its headquarters for more than 90 years in this upper Bavarian municipality – even after it became a part of the Italian company Tecnica in 1993. Whilst in 1993, approximately 350,000 pairs of shoes and boots were made, today that number is around 3 million. All of the LOWA employees in particular play a part in this success – numbering about 275 at the headquarters.

At LOWA, we have a very pleasant working environment as well as flat hierarchies. First names are as natural as the open door to the managing director’s office.

2,132 Employees worldwide

(as of December, 2020)

  • LOWA Jetzendorf Drohnenaufnahmen

LOWA and Jetzendorf

Some 275 people work at the Jetzendorf headquarters. For a small municipality north of Munich with a bit more than 3,000 residents, this is no small number. Despite the fact that the production operations and central warehouse of course create more traffic, this circumstance is really of no consequence to the community. More so, the focus is on the commitment and the connection with each other. Once a year, municipal council members along with the mayor and the LOWA corporate board meet for an information exchange and to keep each other up-to-date. This close working relationship has paid off over the years.

But not only the company is connected to the municipality, employees too want to give something back – almost a quarter of employees themselves are from the regional area. Many employees are involved with local organisations or work in a voluntary capacity with LOWA’s social engagement. Each year, numerous employees have for years been active in the annual tree-planting campaign for reforestation of the Bavarian mountain forests.

LOWA as an employer

Shoemaker, warehouse clerk or buyer – professions at LOWA are as diverse as the people who fill them. At the same time, it is above all the talent, the craftsmanship, and the commitment of employees that has made the company such a success.

For this reason, the heritage shoemaker tries to create the best possible working environment, as well as to ensure a variety of continuing education and development possibilities aside from an interesting workplace. Of course, also good social benefits such as subsidies for meals and travel, a corporate cafeteria, and company retirement benefits speak to the appreciation of employees by LOWA. It is thus not a surprise that so many employees work at the Jetzendorf headquarters for so long – employees remain at the company an average of 13.5 years.

Too, in European production facilities, for example in Slovakia or Italy, the company’s own “Code of Conduct” ensures good conditions. Here, for example, is where guidelines for salaries, work hours, holidays and working conditions are set forth. Guarantees are included for adhering to internal assessments, a.k.a. audits. Furthermore, employees have at their disposal extra benefits such as shift bonuses, free buses, or complimentary company cantinas. These benefits are not a given in these regions.

Age structure LOWA Jetzendorf

46 years

on average

Seniority LOWA Jetzendorf

13.5 years

on average

LOWA: a company that trains apprentices

LOWA is not only an employer in the region, but also a training operation. Currently, market-specific business persons, speciality personnel for warehouse logistics, and shoe-making specialists are being trained. A dual study in the area of sports management has also been offered at LOWA since last year. All total, nine trainees or students are currently getting an education at LOWA. In a tough competitive market with an increasing shortage of speciality personnel, this is a number the company is quite proud of. Add to that, in particular, that shoemakers, who need special training, are these days a rarity among entry-level workers. The goal with this is indeed to have apprentices take over jobs that open up by the company’s own young workers. To succeed at that and to hang on to apprentices, there is a lot of professional continuing education available after completion of training. For example, continuing education to become a shoe technician, shoe modelmaker, or industry master craftsperson with a shoemaking speciality.

LOWA provides occupational training in the following areas: Industrial management, Warehouse logistics specialist and Shoemaker.


”During my training programme at LOWA, I gained insights into the diverse departments found at an outdoor company and laid the perfect foundation for my continued career.”

Lena | LOWA Industrial management assistant

Diversity and equal opportunitys

LOWA treats all its employees as equals. A company of long tradition, LOWA places a high priority on diversity, equal opportunity and respectful interaction – regardless of religion, gender or ethnic background.

  • Number of employees (incl. temporary staff) as at 31 December 2021 275 employees, of whom 127 were women (46.2%)

    Number of employees (incl. temporary staff) as at 31 December 2021 275 employees, of whom 127 were women (46.2%)

  • Apprentices and trainees: 37.5% proportion of women

    Apprentices and trainees: 37.5% proportion of women

  • 57 employees with foreign nationality

    57 employees with foreign nationality

  • 14 employees with disabilities

    14 employees with disabilities

  • Mode of employment: 207 full time, 68 part time, 0 temporary helpers

    Mode of employment: 207 full time, 68 part time, 0 temporary helpers

(LOWA Jetzendorf, as of December, 2021)

Mutual respect

LOWA creates a family-like company atmosphere with flat hierarchies. Candour, fairness, tolerance and team spirit are the defining qualities of the company’s actions. They also reflect LOWA’s understanding of its interactions – both within the company and with customers and business partners.

Social benefits

LOWA provides its employees with appropriate, performance-based remuneration; flexible work schedules; capital-forming benefits and a pension plan. The company also provides meal and transportation allowances. Eight small buses transport employees to work and take them back home.

LOWA offers its employees a weekly back course. Further, employees benefit from a number of special opportunities – such as outings to the forest climbing park in Jetzendorf or the climbing gym in Pfaffenhofen.

Beyond this, the company fosters a healthy work-life balance as well as health protection at work and ensures the necessary occupational safety.