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The sock 4-SEASON-PRO was designed for reliable professional use throughout the year. Anyone looking for a comfortable partner that offers the very best wearing qualities needs to look no farther than here. The 4-SEASON-PRO’s innovative, Merino-blend material composition and its special design that reduces an intense and alternating range of stresses ensure optimal comfort in both cold and warm weather. The ventilated R/L footbed lets the foot breathe, whilst the midfoot bandage and the Achilles’ heel padding ease stress and provide support when the sock is worn for long periods of time. The PRO comfort cuff enables the sock to fit securely for the entire day without leaving behind sock marks. With a seamless, cushioned toe box and basket-stitched ankle padding to provide an extra amount of comfort.

Weight: 60 g/Pair (UK 8)
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Technical data



Article number

LS4296 0999

Upper material

Approx. 25%

Polyamides are plastics that are synthesised and can be used to produce man-made fibres as a result. In addition to their toughness, polyamides are known for their form stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. Polyamides are also elastic, very stretchy and high gloss.

Approx. 19%

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic material. The key qualities of polypropylene include very high breathability, stretchability and good moisture transport as well as a relatively high level of dynamic strength.

Approx. 20%
Wool (merino)

Merino wool is the high-quality wool shorn from Merino sheep. Merion fibres are finer and thinner than those of typical sheep’s wool. They are pleasant to wear as a result. Air chambers form as a result of puckering in individual fibres. These chambers entrap the body’s warmth, producing an insulating and temperature-regulating effect.

Approx. 22%
Approx. 14%

Polyester is synthetic plastic fibre made from crude oil. In chemical terms, it is a polymer that can be processed into many different materials. Thanks to its chemical flexibility, polyester is lightweight, dries quickly, does not shrink and has the highest levels of tear and abrasion resistance.


60 g/Pair (UK 8)

PPE Regulation

Please note that if it is intended to use the purchased products as personal protective equipment in accordance with Art. 3 No. 1 of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (PPE Regulation), the user is responsible for checking the products for the presence of a corresponding certification (see technical data of the product). If the product lacks a certification required for use as personal protective equipment as defined by the PPE Regulation, the product may not be used as personal protective equipment or only for non-professional purposes.