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Double protection is better! SHOE CLEAN

The new LOWA SHOE CLEAN combines cleaning with additional care! It dissolves soiling effectively, moistures the leather and thus protects it from drying out. It is nearly completely free of chemical raw materials, relying instead on the cleaning power of natural bamboo extract. LOWA SHOE CLEAN is suitable for all smooth leather and suede shoes as well as combinations of textile materials. In combination with LOWA ACTIVE CREME or LOWA ACTIVE CREME BLACK and LOWA WATER STOP PRO, it offers perfect protection for your LOWA shoes. LOWA SHOE CLEAN is easy to apply and environmentally friendly thanks to its pump dispenser.

Legal notice for ingredients

LOWA Shoe Clean

List of ingredients pursuant to the EU directive on detergents:

Less than 5% nonionic tenside, less than 5% anionic tenside, fragrances, PHENOXYETHANOL, SODIUM PYRITHIONE.

You will find information about ingredients/INCI names here: