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Durability means sustainability

The tables are packed with rattling equipment. The air is filled with sounds of sanding, the humming of the cold chamber and the occasional beep emitted when a test object fails to measure up. LOWA’s lab in Jetzendorf, Germany, is a key aspect of the shoemaker’s commitment to high-quality products. View story …

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Mission Statement

LOWA’s guiding principles give the company and its employees a framework for reasoning that can be used as a basis for making decisions and presenting them both internally and externally. The principles serve as a standard and orientation for employees and customers. View story …

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LOWA is a company with long tradition that has been based from the beginning in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf. Over a period of nearly 100 years, the small shoemaking shop has become a global outdoor company that sells its products around the world. View story …


At LOWA, the company’s employees constitute its most precious resource. The company embraces diversity, pays fair wages, offers social-security benefits and supports the individual growth of its employees. Everyone pitches in together, and employees personally stand behind the company’s products. View story …


Lena / 217 Characters

”During my training programme at LOWA, I gained insights into the diverse departments found at an outdoor company and laid the perfect foundation for my continued career.” – Lena | LOWA Industrial management assistant

Production sites

As an industry leader in the age of globalisation, LOWA consciously applies a philosophy of “Made in Europe” to guarantee the best product quality, fair wages and social benefits for employees. View story …

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Production Conditions

As a maufacturing company, LOWA bears responsibility for the entire production process and for the working conditions of the people who manufacture and process the company’s preliminary and final products. View story …


No compromises – When it comes to its products, LOWA focuses in particular on perfect fit, a high level of functionality, a contemporary design and technical innovation. One key environmental aspect is product durability. View story …

Environmental and Nature Protection

Sustainable actions have been the talk everywhere for a few years. But what precisely does that mean? It means that a responsible company puts high value on the “how” of doing things. As an outdoor sports brand, LOWA lives with and from nature and the outdoors. That is why the company carefully handles its resources and contributes its part to environmental protection. View story …

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Social Commitment

The Jetzendorf location is a clear commitment to the Bavarian roots of the company. Besides regional institutions and projects, LOWA also supports social and cultural projects at the national and international levels. View story …